Inspired by seasons, places and materials, his first creations are composed of 8 fragrances which are not only characterised by their personality and emotional impact, but also by the frank messages they communicate.

  • Cuir-Altesse
    8.90208.00 TTC

    An aristocratic fragrance for magnetic personalities The bottom notes release the sensuality of leather, benzoin and oak moss, while amber vibrations are rounded out by vanilla. The middle note exalt the senses with rose petals and jasmine, patchouli and cumin. Majestic and sparkling, orange explodes at the heart of a…

  • pyramide Caraibes
    8.90208.00 TTC

    A breath of exoticism for adventurers seeking unique sensations Burning notes of leather, amber, patchouli and allspice are kindled by a fire of ginger and Jamaican chilli. The freshness of the ocean crashes against volcanic rocks. A bouquet of bergamot, citrus fruits and green mango is enveloped by a veil…

  • 8.90210.00 TTC

    Cuir d’Eden : a sense-beguiling hymn to life Come to life on a refreshing bed of moss, under which simmer deep, warm notes of sandalwood, ambergris, musk and vetiver. Spread your wings on the breath of delicate resinous leaves. Dance on an iris breeze wrapped in patchouli. Let go in…

  • Cuir-De-R-Evepyramide de R'Eve
    8.90208.00 TTC

    A hymn to audacity for a woman of power and passion From a bed of patchouli, notes of leather, vanilla and musk lead into soaring notes of heliotrope and Orris butter, electrified by red fruits. Their aura develops a sweetintense cloud tinged with impertinence, as joyful as bergamot and as…

  • Cuir-Mandarinepyramide Mandarine
    8.90208.00 TTC

    A vibrant, timeless melody for an elegant, rebellious man Patchouli vibrates on contact with black pepper and mandarin-coloured leather. Sensual notes of Virginia tobacco are as airy as an intoxicated bubble of champagne in a bouquet of fine lavender.

  • 8.90208.00 TTC

    An array of Andalusian sensations for a fiery, passionate woman The melody of this perfume is born on a bed of leather, amber and heliotrope, bewitched by vanilla and patchouli. It rises in a sensual dance of jasmine, clove and orange blossom cooled with maritime splashes, then liberating the insouciance…

  • Cuir-Tabacpyramide Tabac
    8.90208.00 TTC

    A powerful, precious perfume for a passionate, sophisticated, charismatic and unique individual Haunting patchouli heightens the deep notes of dark tobacco and cigars, while musk thrills the senses in a light murmur of timeless fine lavender accords. From this amber nectar, a precious aura lingers like a secret.

  • Pyramide Cuir Venitien
    8.90208.00 TTC

    An all-night celebration in the splendour of a Venetian palace for a vibrant woman who loves parties, life and the night Cuir Vénitien stirs from the depths of a night laced with cedar and leather with a halo of white musk. Exhilarated by a shiver of Prunol and passionfruit; calmed…