Winter inspiration

  • Cuir-Altesse
    8.90208.00 TTC

    An aristocratic fragrance for magnetic personalities The bottom notes release the sensuality of leather, benzoin and oak moss, while amber vibrations are rounded out by vanilla. The middle note exalt the senses with rose petals and jasmine, patchouli and cumin. Majestic and sparkling, orange explodes at the heart of a…

  • Cuir-Tabacpyramide Tabac
    8.90208.00 TTC

    A powerful, precious perfume for a passionate, sophisticated, charismatic and unique individual Haunting patchouli heightens the deep notes of dark tobacco and cigars, while musk thrills the senses in a light murmur of timeless fine lavender accords. From this amber nectar, a precious aura lingers like a secret.