Spring inspiration

  • 8.90210.00 TTC

    Cuir d’Eden : a sense-beguiling hymn to life Come to life on a refreshing bed of moss, under which simmer deep, warm notes of sandalwood, ambergris, musk and vetiver. Spread your wings on the breath of delicate resinous leaves. Dance on an iris breeze wrapped in patchouli. Let go in…

  • Pyramide Cuir Venitien
    8.90208.00 TTC

    An all-night celebration in the splendour of a Venetian palace for a vibrant woman who loves parties, life and the night Cuir Vénitien stirs from the depths of a night laced with cedar and leather with a halo of white musk. Exhilarated by a shiver of Prunol and passionfruit; calmed…